Preparation for Wedding

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When I woke on Wednesday, February 2, 1983, I saw many people jogging in the pre-dawn along Roxas Blvd, so I put in my jogging shorts and did the same. It was warm and humid. I then took a cold shower (no hot water in the hotel shower - and some cockroaches came out of the shower drain) and got ready for the day.

Aurelia’s father, Jose, was concerned about me out jogging in the dark, so on the following mornings he met me and we jogged together. There were many people out jogging on Roxas Blvd and exercising near Quirino Grandstand:

We had breakfast at the Aristocrat on Roxas, which was her father’s favorite. (This is a recent photo from the web, but it's the same building):

We went to a family planning class – I vaguely remember – explaining body parts and how babies are made – and how can be prevented. We also went to get a marriage license. I recall that the clerk had some objection to a document so her father slipped her a tip and she stamped it off.

We then went to Quiapo. I knew that there were Jeepneys in Manila, but I had no idea how many. We got around by Jeepney and taxis in traffic like this, mostly diesel engines - this is the traffic coming into Quiapo:

We arrived near this church - I believe it is the side to Quiapo Church:

Aurelia in the traffic (This is a different day - I believe this is Saturday catching bus to Baguio.)

First we bought a Barong (dress shirt) for me in a shop near here:

Then I bought a set of gold wedding rings from this small shop for about $50 - that's Aurelia in the pink pants. (I remember that I bent down to get into my bag while in the small store and smacked my head on the display case):

In spite of the poverty and congestion, you notice the people in Philippines are happier than people in the U.S.

There is a lot of poverty. I saw blind beggars and beggars with leprosy. If you cannot find a way to earn money (and it is not easy) and don't have relatives to help, you die on the street. There are many young children running in traffic trying to sell newspapers, candy, single cigarettes, and such.

Unlike Makati, where we got married, much of Manila is not pretty. Many people put handkerchief over their faces due to the dirty air.