Berry Family Vacations

These are links to PDFs of photos, and videos, of our past vacations.

2023 - Carnival Cruise East Caribbean

This was an amazing experience with stops in four ports: Dominican Republic (Amber Cove), Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, and St. Thomas. Then three full days at sea to enjoy the ship.

2022 - Georgia and Tennessee

Summer 2022 our friends David and Celeste, who live south of Chattanooga, invited us to join them on their summer vacation and share a cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We also visited Nashville and toured the Jack Daniels distillery.

2021 - USA Pacific Northwest

For several months we had the idea of driving to Canada this summer for vacation, but Covid makes that difficult. In March Kim reconnected with Kevin, who was friend and guitarist in “Plan B” band in early 80s. We started collaborating on songwriting. Kevin and Sue had retired to Port Townsend in Puget Sound, a town that is a port for a whale-watching tour. Accordingly, we planned a vacation around visiting them.

2020 - USA Florida

In late 2019 we learned that Jen's friend Leticia had married and moved to Florida Keys. Since I had never been to Florida, and Jen wanted to go somewhere with warm ocean and nice sand, we planned that as our summer vacation. But by March 2020 that was derailed by COVID. The Keys were closed. The first week of June Keys reopened and we resumed the plan. It was a nice summer vacation.

Video #1: Flights
Video #2: Key Largo
Video #3: Key West
Video #4: Gator Park
Video #5: Rent a boat at Marco Island
Video #6: Swimming in Oceans

2019 - Arizona

January 5-9 we drove to Phoenix to spend time with family and friends, and enjoy the sun. This was the first time any of us had been in the Phoenix area. (To avoid LA traffic we took highway 138 through Lancaster both going and returning.)

2019 - Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks

July 17 through 29 we drove over 3000 miles, visiting Yellowstone, Glacier, Mount Hood, and Crater Lake national parks. Kim celebrated his 61st birthday in Billings with his friend from 40 years ago. We spent two days at Kim’s father's house near Flathead Lake, Montana.

2018 - Philippines

[Narrative TBD]

2019 - Thanksgiving on Oregon Coast

[Narrative TBD]

2017 - Europe Grand Tour

A friend was willing to stay in our house and watch our kids, giving us a rare opportunity to take a vacation without them. It could be a long time before we get another opportunity, so we made the most of it.

We started in Nice (Monaco), traveled to Milan, Interlaken, Montreux (stopping at Gruyere on the way), Geneva, Paris, then finally to Barcelona.

Vacations To-Do

These vacations still need a PDF:

  • 2017 October: Colorado - Stephen's wedding
  • 2016 November: San Diego
  • 2016 September: Arizona - Stephanie's wedding - Route 66, Grand Canyon, Sedona
  • 2016 March: Hawaii (PDF available)
  • 2015 July: Philippines - Negros, Cebu, Mindanao